Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

Ranelagh, Dublin

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage in Dublin

If you’re looking for a relaxing neck, shoulder and back massage in Dublin, come in and treat yourself to one of our soothing and stress relieving treatments. Our professional Haku team, will ease away those aches and pains with one of our signature treatments.

Neck Massage

Our soothing massages, promote rejuvenation and deep tissue relaxation, taking away the feeling of tightness and fatigue that can occur due to living busy lives. Poor posture Choose from a range of essential oil treatments that will invigorate you whilst eliminating the muscle tension and soreness.

Massage for Neck Pain

If you experience pain caused by muscle stiffness, pinched nerves and general tightness brought on by stress, a massage is the best way to alleviate the discomfort. When combined with the use of the relaxing oils we use, our deep tissue massage and treatments will help the muscles to relax and ease the tension.

Benefits of Neck Massage

Our massages offer a relaxing solution for anyone who needs to be pampered. There are so many benefits to discover; removing the tension in your muscles will in turn assist you in being able to relax and rest. Your focus will be better and you’ll achieve more, due to not feeling the stress from discomfort.

Back Massage

Massages are a great source of relief for anyone suffering from pain, soreness and stiffness. Our Therapists are professionally guided to provide the right amount of pressure during your massage to ease the tension where it’s affecting you the most and help the muscles to relax. Discover the many treatments we offer.

Massage for Back Pain

Pain can be so debilitating and uncomfortably affect every minute of the day. So at Haku, our Massage therapy can help to lessen the effects of the pain and our treatments have been developed to bring lasting relief from the discomfort of aches.

Benefits of Back Massage

A high quality neck and back massager can do wonders if you’ve been experiencing pain. Eliminating the soreness caused from tight muscles is, of course, the biggest benefit you’ll discover, but you will also have an improvement in flexibility, feel more relaxed and discover that you are sleeping better.

Shoulder Massage

Poor posture is the number one reason for shoulder tension and pain in adults.  At Haku, our treatments will help to relieve the aches and tightness that result from posture issues, enabling you to relax comfortably.

Massage for Shoulder Pain

Pain occurs for a host of reasons and can be brought on in several ways, poor posture, lifting and carrying heavy weights or stretching awkwardly can all cause pain. Our skilful Therapists are on hand to help ease any discomfort you may experience by massaging the affected areas to remove stiffness and soreness.

Benefits of Shoulder Massage

If you do suffer from any type of shoulder pain, let us help you unwind with a soothing massage at our Beauty Salon and Spa in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. The best massages will help to boost both your blood circulation and immune system, while fighting off the effects of depression and anxiety.

Treatment Price

Indian Head Massage - €85

A 40-minute dry massage that focuses on the head and scalp, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

Is A Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage Right For Me?

When you need helping hands to take away the stress and strains of your day, our fulfilling massage therapies are the perfect soothing solution. If you’re limited to the amount of ‘me’ time you’ve got, book in for one of our short but satisfying treatments.

Based on 132 reviews
Emer O'Driscoll
Emer O'Driscoll
20. February, 2023
I had the most amazing massage with Ella I felt so welcome and the place is so relaxing such a lovely vibe will definitely be back ❤️
Briona Mc Ardle
Briona Mc Ardle
18. February, 2023
The perfect antidote to the working week, such a calming space to step into, never been more relaxed having my nails done!
Kimberley Langton
Kimberley Langton
16. February, 2023
Great service. Haku were very welcoming and friendly
Iris A
Iris A
15. February, 2023
I had the most wonderful experience at Haku Beauty! I had the back oil massage which was amazing and then the customised facial and pedicure! It’s such a nice salon with friendly staff and tasty tea 🙂 Will definitely be back!
Omar Mashfej
Omar Mashfej
13. February, 2023
Best massage treatments ever..special thanks to Saki and Ella. Nada
10. February, 2023
Absolutely loved it The Haku Signature facial! Sayaka has hands of an angel! Thanks a million for such a divine experience, definitely will be back.
10. February, 2023
I had a wonderful facial and my beauty therapist addressed the exact issues I highlighted at the start of the session - coming in my skin was dry and irritated, by the time I was leaving my skin was plumped and hydrated, looking ten times better than it did an hour previous - the space is so lovely and relaxing, I really enjoyed the treatment and the time went by so quickly. I will definitely be back!
Sheila Bowen
Sheila Bowen
7. February, 2023
This was my third trip to Haku. My sister and my daughter came as well for treatments. I had a fascial. It was utterly sublime, relaxing , restorative. I felt a burden had been lifted off me. The entire atmosphere is very calming and relaxing from the decor to the tea ceremony at the end. What an experience! Can't wait to go again! Thank you Haku!
Kate Zenkevich
Kate Zenkevich
5. February, 2023
Got the half day pamper package which included body massage, facial and manicure. Felt very relaxed afterwards and enjoyed the tea and biscuits as well.

Back Neck And Shoulder Massage Near Me

If you’ve asked yourself ‘where’s the best spa for a back massage near me?’ Haku in Dublin offer the most relaxing treatments to help you unwind, relax and indulge yourself. Book in today and let us pamper you.